“Omgah~ What’s Wrong with You?”

Besides the Chronic migraine…..


  1. General & Social Anxiety Disorder
  2. Major Depressive Disorder
  3. Serotonin Deficiency
  4. Chronic Fatigue
  5. Sensory Overload (Sensitivity to Light, Sound, Pain, Smell)
  6. Brain Fogs (Confusion, Lost of Thought, Trouble Focusing, & Trouble with Coordination)
  7. Mood Changes (Highs & Lows)
  8. GI Problems (Irritable bowels)
  9. Sleep Problems (Staying & Falling asleep despite exhaustion)
  10. Lack of Motivation (Moderate to Severe)
  11. Strange Appetites (No appetite to Serious Cravings & Binge-Snacking)

Yea.. It sucks. All this due to the imbalance and the lack of Serotonin, a compound present in blood platelets and serum that constricts the blood vessels and acts as a neurotransmitter.

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“You’re not the Kat, I know”

Hello, I’m Kat..I am 25 years old. I am a really giddy/girly girl who gets amazed and inspired by life, kindness, and hope in life and love. I also believe in that whole soulmate thing and that people can change.. and I give second (..and third) chances. I forgive them always even though they don’t deserve to be. But I have this one side that’s all sad and unrecognizable. It scares me. I am completely not myself. I mean, I know my worth, I forever believe in good, hope and love because it’s who I am. However, sometimes or most of the time, I am plagued by crippling pain and anxiety. I would have unexplained, horrible migraines that I would be stuck in bed as long as I got it. Sometimes I’m lucky and cold showers could make take some pain off and I could still be a little productive or able to stand or sit up. But sadly, sometimes I get anxiety attacks where I just go in this state of not wanting to leave and stay in. In all this, I  would feel numb, dissociated, exhausted- and I’d be in grief for time or opportunities lost…

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