Living with Chronic Pain & Mental Illness: [Medical Surprise edition] – Eczema problem 97% fixed

I always had a random dry patch right where you see the pink in the pic. But until 3 months ago… it has been ichy and flaking. I treated it with a lil benadryl and vitamin e oil for the flaking and dryness but until the week of Christmas I was cursed with 3 1/2 inch size eczema on my neck.

I was so worried. The photos aren’t great but it was not just scaly, flaking, and dry but it was red and had a weird shine to it like it was a burn scar.

It’s honestly so good that I went to the doctor’s asap for it. I was worried if it was psoriasis or eczema or that it is too late for me as in…it’ll scar. Which I still won’t know…yet.

My doctor prescribed me hydrocortisone cream to apply 3 times daily but I do it as soon as I feel like it’s dry or itching.

And voila~ in 2 days!!! Look at that improvement.


Its pink on main itchy part still but the rest is smooth, the size reduced, skin browned from the previous scratching and flaking.


Look at that horror….. Red/purply/brown, scaly, 3 inches here but was growing half an inch by day

I’m seriously so happy that I went for treatment asap. My brother actually has this since middle school and he never treated it right as his was moderate to severe so it left deep scarring and had reddish brown skin pigments like my before photo except it’s not inflamed anymore..just scarred and healing.

I am insecure about my looks already. Since I’m not good at anything and my “disabilities”… so keeping up beauty standards is my way of feeling normal and also… it’s kinda therapeutic for NY anxieties and self confidence. When I look nice, feel clean, and pampered… I feel fresh, in control and… good.

But anyways.. back on treatment… because I’ve been so caught up in this and personal problems I’ve actually been through caffeine withdrawal and haven’t…been taking my antidepressants. I can’t tell my anxiety attacks or discomfort is from the withdrawal from the caffeine or from not taking the antidepressants(helps my anxieties and mainly migraines). But all in all…I’m just happy as fuck that my neck is looking way better and my eye lids too.

The only thing I’m worried about is.. after it clears it all, will that weird smooth but scaly looking skin be gone too? It looks like a burn scar healed.. just a weird thin skin shine to it…

Just don’t know about the after part…


Author: fromkatanawithlove

I'm a medical mystery, always I'm documenting it😅😅 was really later in life when I discovered all my migraines and sudden weak immune system wasn't from poor eating. It was something I never expected... I was diagnosed with major depression and general and social anxiety. it was all messed up.. I hope those who visit my blog.. feel safe and connected too. I hope you know.. you're not alone. And to those you knows me... this blog is also for you to understand me better.

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